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Store remodelling can be a nightmare, but it is often a necessity. As time goes on, a once brilliant and perfect retail space can start to look its age and become a less-than-ideal space. Updating a store can help draw in new customers and help highlight merchandise. The right design and build team can help take your vision and make it a reality, oftentimes faster and more cost-effectively than taking on the project alone. Surfaces and display cases are important, but just as important is the quality of the finished job. One of the most popular ways to get the right look is with millwork.



One of the things that catches people’s eyes when they walk past or into a store are the surfaces. Floors are a huge factor to consider, as are walls, cabinets, counters and permanent displays. All of these can be best addressed by speaking with a professional interior designer and millwork team. By explaining how surfaces are used and by providing some direction in terms of colours, ideal textures and ideas on how the flow of the space should direct customers to different parts of the store, an experienced interior designer can help come up with a beautiful design that will bring new life to any retail space.


Display Cases


There are countless options on the market these days when it comes to display cases. You could certainly head off and pick up an off-the-shelf display case, but the limited selection of sizes, shapes, colours and finishes could be a hindrance to your dream store. When you choose a company to help with your store remodelling job, the designers can work hand in hand with the millworkers and builders to craft an outstanding custom display that will be so stunning that it could easily be the centerpiece of the store. Custom displays can be installed into far more places than an off-the-shelf display and will fit perfectly with the other design elements.


Build Quality


An incredible design and theme are an excellent start, but they’re both nothing without an experienced build team to take the plan from paper to physical reality. An experienced team is vital to ensure that your stunning new space lasts. Build quality can be difficult to gauge without an experienced eye, but the best in the industry will be happy to provide a list of satisfied customers and a portfolio of completed retail projects that you could easily go and investigate first hand. Don’t just choose the first name in the phone book; explore your options and do your homework.


The overall look and feel of a retail space is vital to its success. Store remodelling can help revitalize any space and bring it up to date with the current direction and theme of the shop. Surfaces will be a big part of the finished project, and custom displays can help tie everything together or even become the highlight of the store. Just be sure that your project will be completed to the highest standards by a team of professional builders to help ensure longevity and stunning good looks. 

Luna Interiors Reviews

Luna Interiors Reviews 
Luna Interiors Construction Project Review
"I have been asked to provide a testimonial for Luna Interiors. I rarely would ever waste my time doing something of this nature; however, Jan is most deserving of this tribute to his knowledge, skill and superb work ethic.
This very humble man has brought old world craftsmanship from Europe and transforms mediocre Canadian construction standards from the ordinary to the spectacular. I have built many homes over the years but none have been elevated to the level of construction that Jan's skills consistently achieve. 
As a specialist, I understand the requirements for a higher level of care. Jan is the only person I have ever met in construction who lives up to this higher standard in everything he does. I am honored to recommend Luna Interiors to anyone considering any construction project. His workmanship speaks for itself and you will never be disappointed by your choice.
Dr. Garry Solomon" 
Luna Interiors Condo renovation review:
"I downsized and moved to an older condominium for the size and view. The condominium required extensive renovations to create a modern design hat I envisioned. I interviewed 3 contractors. I chose to go with Luna Interiors because of their design, the craftsmanship as demonstrated in their portfolio, and how professional the team is. 
The renovations were extensive - ceiling, flooring walls, plumbing and electrical. There were no obstacles that they were confronted with during the renovation process that could not be modified to fit with the design. The estimated for the work were accurate. The final final result was beyond my expectations. I would like to thank Jan and his team for an exceptional experience. I would recommend Luna Interiors without reservation.
Dr. Robert Sleightholm"